Don’t be a drone, get yourself a drone today

Do this today and become an active member of the Internet of Things (IoT). Get yourself a basic, lightweight, entry level drone to start things up. Learn how to use it and practice regularly with it and soon you can be ready for bigger and greater things. This is your future we are talking about. You might be small scale now but even you can grow. You may just have a small, organic plot for now, but soon, you and your camera or DJI drones could be surpassing your chief agronomists and agriculturalists.

These technicians and large scale farmers, mass produce, nicely sheltered with heavy subsidies, as it turns out, but you, as an organic farmer, could be catering for bread baskets around the world. These cases need wholly healthy food to sustain themselves with. You can monitor your crops with drones, never having to pepper them with pesticides. The pesticides actually do a lot of harm, but you and your drones can do a world of good.

You can look after your own neighborhood with a small, camera-operated drone. You are not necessarily taking the law into your own hands. Talk to your neighbors about this and get them to sign up. It could be pretty rough out your way, so why not do something about crime and grime today. Depending on where you do say, you may just have to talk to your local authorities about getting permission to make that necessary flight.

Who knows, maybe there’s drones looking after you already. Have a look in the sky. Look carefully, but not into the sun and certainly not at night, you won’t see them then, and you may just see one or two buzzing about.