How software-influenced contracts came about

Some years ago, the date cannot be pinpointed at this time, a legal issue occurred. What can be said is that it happened in the era of extensive software and hardware usage and storage. Companies were already using the technology to store information and documentation in large volumes. Such materials also included contractual agreements. So, to return to the incident. It was found that one leading company violated a set agreement.

As a result, it had to settle a dispute that ended up being costly, to the tune of no less than six figures. As a result of this serious oversight, a mission began to help businesses and all other non-commercial organizations avoid unwitting or deliberate violations of contractual and binding agreements. The mission set out to provide better solutions to help companies, institutions, organizations and even government entities to better manage their contracts and obligations through the software and hardware channels.

The result was to provide all stakeholders with specialist contract management software. Today’s available software now helps legal, sales and procurement stakeholders properly manage their agreements, contracts and customer obligations. The development of such unique software, as it turns out, has been ongoing for over twenty years already. So the clue to the abovementioned incidental example is that it happened at least more than twenty years ago already.

But concerned and observant readers may well be aware of many similar incidents, whether these were small cases or resulted in noticeable precedent setting judgments that resulted in obligatory settlements far more costlier than the above given example. No-one is left isolated because it stands to reason that the software technology is available to all that need it around the world. It should not be a case of necessity. It comes down to responsibility.